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Enjoy Adventurous New York City Tour

New York City, the most populated city in the United States is always an adventure. It’s a global power city that has a significant impact on commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology and education just to name a few.. New York is also home to the headquarters of the United Nations. New York City, which is situated on one of the world’s greatest harbors and is composed of Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island. Also a very small island by the name of Manhattan which was once known as Manhattan is the most ethnically and linguistically diverse city in the world (a Londoner will say different) and over 800 languages or dialects are spoken there. The country is a melting pot; however it’s in this city where you truly feel it. That’s if you know the right places to go. They say if you live here a lifetime you’ll never have seen it all. Too much, too fast, and always something new. It all whirs by in a New York minute.

The stories are endless and the sights change from day to day along with some that have stood the test of time. However a new trend that’s taking place are professionals that will make your visit to NYC exactly what you want it to be. Guides aren’t exactly knew as tourists have been on double-decker buses since the 1920’s. Then the only guidebook you would get in anticipation for your journey to the bustling city would be a Valentine’s Manual. Those were your options and although now there’s the internet and more than a few double-decker options. Private guides are trending upwards as a great way to get away from the groups of strangers on a bus listening to a guide that may or may not care. Some want to experience this city the best way possible. The best guides tend to build a base by word of mouth and have exceptional reviews with return customers. Professional guides often are on their second or third career and tend to be lifelong New Yorkers who would scream and die if the universe somehow forced them to leave their beloved city. They’ll fiercely defend it against any bahstonner or any other city for that matter; however we appreciate any big city on this planet as they all do have their lovely personalities and charms. We like it fast!

The mission for a guide whose heart is in the right place is to make the visitor fall in love and feel for this town just an inkling for what the guide feels. To discover its hidden treasures and understand the sometimes farfetched realities those have existed in this place. To learn where are the best places to go uniquely for them. The options are sometimes the most daunting task for the visitor without a guide. The expert learns what you like and plans accordingly.

New York City has a great past and is always at the forefront of trends. New York’s architecturally noteworthy buildings vary in a wide range of styles and from distinct time periods and forms. The Empire State Building, Central Park, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, Guggenheim, and Ellis Island are some major attractions of New York City that everyone ticks off their list. They have their own past and story however every traveler is different. People on holidays mostly visit these places, but the new explorer doesn’t just hire a guide for going on treks. They hire a professional to change their experience to this metropolis with millions of moving parts.

One guide named Geovanni has made it his passion to show his hometown to visitors who want to make their trip better than they ever could have on their own. A licensed member of the Guides Association of New York City and with stellar online reviews. This city that has so much to see and so much to experience and it’s broken down and made familiar. Along with showing you every trick a lifelong local has learned in the book.

You can reach him via Better Adventures Thenyctour.com. Better Adventures and their team members have an encyclopedic knowledge about New York City. During the winter you can enjoy a great Metropolitan Museum tour guided by an expert who will sure you more than anyone ever accomplishes on their own. You can play the Art Hunt which is a game conducted by Better Adventures at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You are sent all over the museum and get to investigate/spotlight the 16 best art pieces of the museum. With various teams competing, you will get to experience a dose of history and art, along with a bit of fun. Did we mention the Met is more than 3x larger than the Louvre?

Wouldn’t a Pro be of good use in such a large labyrinth with only one visit in your lifetime potentially? The museum is a specialty due to its inspiration. As a local it was frustrating to see how many visitors missed so much of the Museums vast prized collection going unseen due to the museums enormous size and small rooms. We finally solved that problem and offer two options. Private tours which are personable and mean no sharing your guide with anyone else. The game makes it a much more fun lighthearted visit at a great value. That’s just one museum, this whole city is now a specialty and as a seasoned NYC guide I know I found my calling. I just want to share it with visitors so they can look up from their guide books, skip the double deck buses and see what this city is like from a locals perspective.

With Better Adventures, you can book your NYC guided tours. You’ll have a great experience with them in exploring New York City.

To book your NYC private tours now, you can visit Thenyctour.com.

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