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Heritage Stone Restorations by a Skilled Stone Mason in Adelaide

Stone buildings in Adelaide depict the rich artistic design and architectural heritage of Australia. There are many residential stone buildings and structures in Adelaide that showcase the exemplary architectural features and masonry work which is hard to find somewhere else in world. The dwellers who reside in these exquisitely laid out stone buildings particularly made from sand stone; red brick etc. take pride in living in these beautiful abodes. Such stone buildings provides all luxuries of modern concrete homes and are comparatively energy efficient than concrete structures. But with the passage of time if these buildings are not maintained or taken proper care of, can develop cracks and cause dampness in mortar making the whole structure weak and prone to deterioration.

One of the biggest problems that irk the owners of stone buildings is salt damp. This happens because with time, the actual bitumen damp course laid to protect the stonework breaks down and allows moisture to seep in. The moisture carries salt along with it which dampens the stonework and makes it chapped and weak. Salt damp treatment Adelaide is a convenient option to eradicate this problem as in this method a protective plastic layer is used to prevent moisture and salt from entering the stone texture.

However, if you are someone who is facing similar problems in your old stone buildings, then MG Masonry can be your perfect partner. The skilled craftsmen and stone repair specialists at the company provides comprehensive repair and maintenance services for your stone buildings. These repair services include salt damp treatment, fine line repointing Adelaide, crack repairing, air vent cleaningand a number of associated repair and improvement services. The company is led by Matt Gross, a highly skilled and qualified stone mason and craftsman of age-old tradition who specialises in stone building restoration work. He uses traditional techniques to repair your stone buildings. The company has helped many individuals in Adelaide in constructing and designing new stone buildings and structures in various architectural styles. Moreover, MG Masonry has garnered immense reputation for their high standards of workmanship, attention to fine details and replicating the design needs of their customers.

About MG Masonry

MG Masonry is a leading stone building contractor company that offers a wide range of repair and heritage stone restorations services for their clients at competitive costs.

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