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How a Bike Fitting can Help you Ride Longer & Better

Whether you cycle for sport or for leisure, riding a bike gives the body an intense workout. And regardless of how often you ride, strain on knees and joints after a long ride is something many people feel.

This discomfort is caused by holding the wrong posture while riding, which not only leads to pain in the joints and knees but also reduces your capability to ride for long distances. Cyclists and triathletes often face such problems as they have to ride bikes for long hours and on steep trails. Having a bike fit from Bike Fit UK can help them ride better and longer than usual without inflicting any unnecessary strain to the body.

A bike fit involves analyzing a cyclist’s posture while riding, along with their seat position and the bend in the body. This analysis is conducted with the help of cutting-edge technology which measures the angles and movements of the body while riding at an accuracy level of millimeters. This accuracy allows the bike fitting service providers to modify the bike fittings in order to make it more comfortable for the riders.

Riders often feel strain on the body ease immediately with minor adjustments which can allow them to enhance their performance drastically. The best bike fitters also provide guidance regarding body posture while riding in order to avoid injuries and strain on the body.

There are several bike fitting service providers in the UK and Andy Brooke Bike Fit & Cycling Analysis is one of the best. Andy Brooke, the founder, is an expert bike fitter with over 15 years of biking experience. He is one of only six Retul Master Fitters in the UK, and is also president of the International Bike Fit Institute, a global organisation working to raise bike fit standards across the world.

About Andy Brooke Bike Fit & Cycling Analysis:

Andy Brooke, the Bike Fit Derby service provider offers a 3-month comfort guarantee to his clients. The guarantee ensures that riders are completely comfortable while riding after getting their bike fit.

For more information visit Ukbikefit.com

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