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With 2H Engineering, Get the Best Evaluation of Your Property

Brazil has been on the economic and real estate bubble for a long time now and it’s been many years since the country has seen a phase of strong economic growth. In Brazil, with 2H Engineering get the best land evaluation (avaliação de terrenos), inspection and assessment for your properties.

The country has been on the real estate bubble for decades now and because of the consistent weak economy and high interest rates, the problems do not seem to end anytime soon. Since, the government is not subsidizing loans for low-income groups and people have to live somewhere, the demand for housing is prevalent. That’s why a need for a good property assessment and evaluation is needed to help you earn the best returns and value for your property in these dire times.

2 H Engineering specializes in providing you with detailed property inspection reports. They investigate hidden building anomalies from structural, hydraulic, electrical appliance, electro-mechanical, refrigeration and infiltrations and classify these threats according to the criticality level and suggest recommendations and solutions to the problems. They suggest real estate condition and present the scope of future development and renovation. They help in decreasing neighbor disputes regarding cracks and infiltrations of your properties.

They conduct in-depth assessments for residential and commercial real estate like apartments, shops, stores, bungalows or land mergers. They help you realize the true market value of your property for selling or leasing your property. The assessment undergoes the basic concept of home appraisal, rating and land evaluation. Business sets evaluation, shop ratings and incorporation land appraisal is done for the valuation of commercial property.

The same process is done for assessing sheds, warehouses and industries. They also help you in perfect evaluation of rural property (avaliação de imóvel rural) for selling or leasing your farms using comparative methods for land value and costing methods. They conduct analysis regarding foundation, water table, typology and constructive pattern of the place in order to construct a very detailed neighborhood report.

They also provide the business valuation (avaliação de empresas) of your companies by using discounted cash flow and equity position of the company. They evaluate machines and equipments through the use of comparative methods, reproduction and discounted cash flows.

With 2H Engineering, you will definitely get the best evaluation and assessment of your residential properties to help you stay clear and profitable through these hard times.

For more information, please visit 2he.com.br.

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